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4:38 p.m. - July 03, 2006
I'm back!!
Well I finally remembered my user name. You know, now with the internet, who can keep track of all the passwords, and log in names that you have to keep, especially if you don't want a significant other finding it and reading your secret thoughts.

(If someone has any ideas on how to keep those organized, I'd appreciate any help.)

Well a quick update on what has been going on with me since a year ago. I eventually quit my job and decided to work from home. I didn't tell anyone I was leaving until the last minute.

I am working from home now to what will probably make for very very boring entries which is why I stopped writing but I missed it.

I think everyone needs a place to vent their frustrations and it seems to be great therapy for me.

When I was pissed off at an uncle who mooches and started bitching about him to my mother in a Barnes & Noble...where it started as a whisper but eventually got to a low scream ---everyone knows Barnes & Noble is a bookstore and not a library but why do I feel that I always have to whisper in that place--anyhow, I realized I need my safe haven here to vent and not let it out on my mother.

I even said some shitty things to him in my frustration which probably could have been handled better had I had a proper place to sort out my feelings.

More about that later....

I'm glad to be back in this place...just want to wrap my arms around diaryland like my favorite pillow because now I can freaking let out all this shit i've been bottling up inside!

See you soon diaryland!


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