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12:38 p.m. - September 06, 2005
A \"true\" friend......yeah right!!!!
I am so pissed at my "friend." I actually declined going to lunch (yes, i said no to food--well actually to a sit down restaurant) so that I could go visit a gym near my work. A co-worker owns a gym and offered to give me a tour and a great discount so of course I decided to take her up on her offer. You would think that someone you have been friends with for 10 years would be encouraging about you wanting to lose weight but NO. I totally got bullshit!!! She was actually trying to talk me out of it and when I put my foot down and told her I WAS GOING TO JOIN, she got angry, saying she was only trying to "HELP" me. Her point was that I have a gym at home that I dont use and I shouldn't be wasting $30 a month on a membership. (yes, but it's okay to spend $30 a WEEK going out to eat at lunch!) I am so pissed! I hate realizing that the people you thought were your friends, really arent. She has always been competitive towards me but I just thought it was her character but I'm starting to believe what my other friends are telling me about her being jealous of me and being untrustworthy. More to come, but just needed to get that out!


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