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10:27 a.m. - February 25, 2005
A village idiot moment
Well yesterday was an interesting day for me. I have mentioned before how I have "village idiot" stories because sometimes I am such a ding dong.

I bought myself an IPOD which is the best thing in this world!! I just love music. I commute to work everyday downtown via a Park and Ride bus and basically I ended up falling asleep with my iPod on and missed my stop to get off at work. I didn't hear everyone ringing the bell at their stop and getting off. When I woke up, I was 10,000 blocks away from my building and it was pouring rain! The bus driver was pissed at me for falling asleep and she couldn't get my attention while driving so when I finally ran to tell her to drop me off, she says "IT'S ABOUT TIME!!" (the freaking bitch should have woken my ass up and then she wouldn't have had to drive around waiting for the bell to ring at every stop) but oh well, I jumped out and had to find my way back to my office. I had no idea how to get to work via foot. As I am trying to keep dry with my umbrella which is of no use because the rain is coming at an angle, I was able to re-inact that scene on Bridget Jones Diary II when a car passes by and soaks her with water. Except I was in a suit. Needless to say, I got to work in one piece, soaking wet and cold, and just a tad bit late.

This morning I saw that darn bus driver in her bus waiting to load passengers ......ASLEEP!


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