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10:25 a.m. - December 02, 2004
A little bit of nothing
Well tonight is the season finale of The Apprentice. I so love the Apprentice and the donald. I'm sure I've said this before. I will miss the Donald but I'm sure will have plenty to distract me. American Idol will be starting soon.

Can you tell I am addicted to these reality shows? I don't have a life...sad but oh well...I'm enjoying myself and it keeps me going.

I saw this Alfred Hitcock story of this very old woman, way over 100 years old, who was still alive and the town wondered what was keeping her alive for so long. It turned out in the end that one of her grandchildren would read to her every day....start a story but wouldn't tell her the end of the story until the next day. That way she had to live until the next day to find out the rest of the story. That's going to be me when I'm older except with reality shows.

I saw Alexander yesterday. (I stayed home from work because I was sick, yet well enough to go see a movie.) It was very disappointing. I wouldn't recommend it and I probably wouldn't even wait until it came out on video.


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