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8:41 a.m. - March 23, 2005
More Bridget Jones' Moments
"Clerk" decided he wanted to teach me to play golf. Apparently he is an excellent golfer. He went to college on a golf scholorship and almost went pro. Anyway, that was quite fun. We went to the driving range and of course I had a Bridget Jones moment. My hands were slippery and so I let go of the golf club and almost killed a few people behind me. I was able to dunk and run as I watched all their heads looking up in the sky waiting for it to fall to the ground. And of course, "clerk" took the blame for it. Yes, yes...if i haven't said it before, I AM a dork. Apparently, it happens to "everyone" according to "clerk". I think he was just being nice by saying that. Oh well.

Well before I end this, I'd like to jot down another Bridget Jones' moment, just for the record....I was at the dr. office for a tick bite that I got on spring break camping and waiting patiently for my name to be called. As I was watching all the people be called in to the back, I recognized all the people I came in with, so I was positive that I was next. Well the door opens up and I see the nurse's mouth moving and so I get up walk to the door that leads you to the back exam rooms, I see everyone staring at me, and the nurse giving me this odd look and then I hear her say "YOU AREN'T FRANK!".....well there you have it....proof that I am an idiot!


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