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11:58 a.m. - August 21, 2006
Something weird about me
Something weird about me....

I have to confess my fetish with notebooks and pens. I have a collection of these composition notebooks and beautiful leather journals, small and cute, large and leathery, some with nice paper, some with a cute cover that caught my eye, but I can't seem to fill them up. I'm so worried about what to write in them that they are just sitting in my closet in a storage tub waiting, calling out to me to write in them, anything...just something. Do I need to see a therapist about this? Who knows. I save my crappy thoughts and lists for a plain old composition notebook. Yes, that's another thing. I'm a list maker...."Hello my name is gracielou and I'm a listaholic."

This weekend I happened upon a group in that has the same fettish that I do!!! I am not alone!! Yeah! There are people with a notebook for random thoughts for books to read, for quotes etc. Yeah, I almost feel like I'm set free...out of the closet. It's okay to use my journals for NOTHING...stupid quotes, writings, jokes. I feel so relieved. I feel like I've found my long-lost family...and they have the solution to my petty little "problem".

I've also learned about some great journals such as Miquelrius and Ciak journals which I have purchased and already started filling. I use a small Miguelrius just for my to do list. Yes, it's true, and I can't wait to start filling up my other to just find the right pen.

Yes, I'm also one of those. I am a picky pen person. I can't write unless it's with a specific pen and when I find that pen, I steal it, buy the store out, etc. just in case the manufacturer stops making it or I can't find another one. And my beautifuls journals deserve to be written in with the perfect pen.

Yes, I'm out of the closet now. Feels good to let the world know.. By the way, here is a link to one site:


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