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9:24 p.m. - June 27, 2007
Bus Riders
This morning while putting on my face I remembered some of the bus riders that I used to ride with on the Park-n-Ride going to work and I remembered this one lady that I can add to my pet peeves.

She used to come in with her bag of make-up and when it came time to putting on her liquid foundation, she would put her finger over the opening and shake it toward me.

Now how many times have you accidentally had your finger over only half of the opening and in your enthusiasm to get it all shaken up, splashed the bathroom mirror or sink?

Here I am, in my nice business suit, and my face done because I got up freaking early enough to spare someone on the bus from having to watch me plaster my face on.

Every time I saw her get on the bus, I would put my bags on the seat next to me so she wouldn't sit next to me but sometimes she would catch me off guard.

There also was this older, older man who liked to sit with women and when he sat next to you eventually his legs would spred wider and wider. I have no idea why except that he wanted his leg to be touching yours and as you would skoosh over he would spred them wider leaving you no room to sit comfortably. I hated sitting next to this man, in fact every woman did. Although I sat next to men all the time on the bus, this man always seemed to make you feel violated.

Oh, I've had countless experiences on the bus, I'm sure I'll remember more.

Such as the time I got my first Ipod and fell asleep with it on the bus, waking up in the middle of nowhere because I missed my stop. When I finally woke up the bus driver had a major attitude and said "FINALLY!!!" and made me get off. I had to walk about 10 blocks to work and just as I got off, it started pouring rain.

Yes, bus riding is quite an experience.


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