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3:16 p.m. - June 24, 2007
Living on a Budget??
If you were a student (say in court reporting where you had to practice 3-5 hours every night on top of studying) and you also worked part-time which cut into your studying time, would you quit your part-time job at the expense of losing all the small perks you have such as cable, movies, eating out?

I have been struggling in school and every night when I'm working 4 hours I think I could be studying/practicing.

You see, in court reporting, you progress at your own pace moving up to the 60/80s, 100s, 120s, 140, etc. I am watching all my buddies move up to the next class as I am sitting there struggling to pass my speed tests.

As much as I hate competition, it keeps me motivated on those nights when I don't feel like practicing but feel like watching Grey's Anatomy or some show.

I could quit my part-time job but that would mean for the next year and a half I would have to do without going out to eat, going to movies, buying clothes, etc. I'm not sure I can do that.

Let me go backwards. I had a nice paying job for a long time until I decided I needed to do something else and go to school. I was able to buy me nice things with that job and so I was used to splurging on myself and so for nearly 10 years, I have been spoiled with cash in my pocket and not having to budget really.

I'm not sure I can go backwards and live like I did when I was in college before. BASICALLY, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO BUDGET. I don't know if I really want to except on those days when my friends pass their speed test and I have to see them progressing faster than I am.

Right now I'm still working but I'm trying to live on a budget by not eating out and cutting back, just to see how doable it is for me.

I did just came back from the movies (Evan Almighty) but I went to a nearby $2 cinema. Baby steps.


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