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12:11 p.m. - June 23, 2007
Soul Mates
Do you believe we really have one soul mate in life? Aren't we supposed to love everyone? If so, how can you help not falling in love over and over again? How can you go through life meeting people after people and not happen upon someone that touches your life in such a way that impacts you forever. Yes, we move on to a different path if the relationship isn't meant to be and happen upon someone else who impacts your life in other ways.

Where would these paths have led if given the opportunity? I believe each path would have lead to some kind of happiness leading us to believe we had found our "soul mate" even though the other paths would have lead them there also.

I don't believe there is one soul mate for each of us. I do believe we are expected to be faithful to one, of course.

But there will always be new paths to follow, new joys, new realizations about oneself. There will always be someone to love and to love you back.


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