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7:11 p.m. - June 19, 2007
My Pet Peeves
1. I hate it when I'm waiting in a long time, (in a clothing store, movie theatre, anywhere), and I've been waiting for like 30 minutes or so (well you know 5 minutes can seem like 30 minutes most of the time), and a new cashier opens up and takes the last person in the line who has only been there for seconds!!! I think they should always choose the next person in line.

2. I'm not very tall so I hate it when I'm somewhere, say watching a live band at a night club, and then someone taller than me just walks right up and stands in front of me like I'm invisible!!!

3. I hate people who feel they have to compete. If I do something or have something, they have done it or have something better.

4. People who talk during a movie!!! Even the previews. Okay, I love to watch the previous at the movies.

5. People who stand in the middle of an aisle and take their sweet time even though they know you are behind them, and don't move aside! Sometimes I even get someone walking in the middle of an aisle TOWARD me and don't move aside as if I'm invisible. (I like to play chicken to see who moves out of the way first...I usually win!)

6. People who like to tell their long ass boring stories and as soon as it's your turn to share a story, they totally uncourteously start another topic (ABOUT THEMSELVES!!).

7. People who debate everything and feel that you have to share their views because they are NEVER wrong.

8. Snobby women - or just women who think they are above you --- you know who you are.

9. Slow drivers, or those drivers that have to make a complete stop before turning (without a signal at that).

10. Anyone who cracks their knuckles or back--- anything that makes that freaking bone cracking sound.



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