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5:51 p.m. - June 11, 2007
I think I may need to get on a diet...
I know it�s time because:

1. My mother�s dog (who is scared of everyone except my chunky wunky mother) comes right up to me wagging his tail waiting for affection, and I can almost see his eyes bulge out of his head when he realizes I�m not my mother.

2. My brother accidentally called me �Mom� when I had my back turned at him.

3. Men are staring at me, and even though I think it�s because I�m gorgeous, it�s only because my shirts are soo tight my buttons have come undone at my breasts.

4. People say �You have such a pretty face.�

5. People say �You are funny,� because they think fat people are always funny.

6. I can�t work out because my thighs rub together and, aside from risking a house fire from the friction, my shorts ride up to my crotch and get in my way.

7. When I look at my belly, I have this sudden craving for bread because all I can picture is rising dough.

8. It seems as if my towels are shrinking.

Okay, obviously this was a huge HUGE exaggeration but I really do think I need to get on a diet.

I would like to lose about 30 to 40 pounds but I have no idea how. I have considered keeping a weight loss blog to keep me accountable but I�m not sure I would be disciplined enough to keep up with it because I have never succeeded in dieting. I have always been one to lose weight by exercising but now with work and school and homework, I have no time, plus I hate to sweat.

I really think it�s because I get up early, make myself pretty for school and then when I get home, I don�t want do ruin my artwork. Since I get off work late, I don�t have time for working out then either. So I�ll brainstorm a bit and keep up with my progress here for now.


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