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9:48 p.m. - June 09, 2007
Saturday of doing nothing except....
Reading a romance novel. I have been reading so much lately and the thing about me reading is that once I start, I cannot put the book down until I finish it. I put all my housework, homework, and errands on the back burner and end up passing the weekend with nothing done. I have a test on Monday but did I study? NO.

I ran out of my general reading books that I usually have line up for me and I happened upon a grocery bag full of books that one of my girlfriend gave me. She reads those romance novels that I have always been embarrassed to be looking at, let alone purchase one! I usually have a book in my bag and read while in line somewhere waiting or have five minutes to spare, but I would be so embarrassed to carry these books around with a picture of two lovers in a sexual embrace on the cover. Although it is usually a picture of a woman with a dress hiked up revealing a long slender thigh or a voluptuous bossom.

Usually I�m one not to be embarrassed about what people think of me but for some reason I can�t handle being caught reading one of those books.

Okay�so I find this bag and pull out one of these books and start reading it and oh my lord!! It�s like watching a porn movie with a plot. I was hooked! (I�d have been hooked even if it didn�t have a plot.)

I need to email my friend straight away and ask for another grocery bag of her finished erotica otherwise I have to come up with the courage to stop at the neighborhood book store and purchase one (forget courage, I�ll just invest in a wig and some huge sunglasses).

So now off to my porn�I mean, my book.


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