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9:03 p.m. - June 02, 2007
1. I lost my virginity at 15.

2. I am in my 30s and still daydream like a teenager about Jon Bon Jovi, Orlando Bloom, Matthew McFayden, Brandon Routh, and Ed Speelers (among others).

3. I wrecked my parent's car when I was in high school and they blamed it on my cousin who was with me. I have yet to correct them.

4. When I was angry at my boss, I would secretly leave soap in his water pitcher when I was summoned for more.

5. People think I'm dingy and I play along with it but secretly I'm a whole lot smarter than they realize and I let on (getting Honors in my classes in High School and college).

6. I am secretly spiritual even though people think I'm a rebel and probably the most likely to have experimented in my younger years (even though I never touched drugs or got into trouble).

7. My sex drive is seriously on overdrive compared to my significant other's and so I secretly have to use my toys without his knowledge.

8. Most of my name brand items have been purchased from resale shops and my purses are fake.

9. When I was younger, I believed that Luke Skywalker was nonfictional and I used to pray that he would come and rescue me (didn't have a happy childhood). I literally would wait outside at night staring up at the stars ready for him.

10. I used to have a crush on Rick Springfield.


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