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11:11 p.m. - October 05, 2006
sometimes he is disgusting. He gets home and totally neglects me.

I am enrolling in school and since I now stay home and am dependent on his income, I ask his advice on financial issues regarding school, but does he help/answer? NO. It seems that it is just a bother to him to help me out. Or as if he doesn't really want me to go to college.

Who quit college all those years ago so he could finish? Who supported him then? Who supported him when he had to freaking change majors and start over? Who does he think is going to support him now that HE wants to go back?

If he thinks lack of help is going to change my mind about it, he is fucking wrong. I will go with or without his fucking support. I will go and I will do well.

Yeah I'm lonely and miss the companionship I got while working. Yeah I am hungry for it from him.....but I won't beg for it. I won't sit around and cry for it because I can take care of myself. I don't need him to make me happy. I am strong and will do it -- even if it is alone.


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