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6:30 p.m. - October 02, 2006
Love is so unfair!
can someone love someone deeply and they not love them back?

can you feel this chemistry with someone and they not feel the same?

can she not stop thinking of him and he not think of her?

can she leave the job she worked at so as to get over him but continue you to care for him deeply after years of being away from him?

does he think of her?

why is it that she can try so hard to forget him but yet when she sleeps her dreams betray her and she dreams of him?

why does she love someone else when the man she calls husband is such a good man and father and takes care of her so well?

why does she love him when he was so mean to her and acted like he hated her and pushed her away and taunted her so by not admitting his own feelings?

why was it when she tried to pull away, he would just pull her back to him, teasing her with his flirting and his winks, and his smile, and those eyes--they way the stared deeply into hers making it seem like they were the only ones in the room?

why is love so unfair?


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