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11:27 p.m. - August 22, 2006
Damn husband!!
I feel like I'm just a damn babysitter for that man sometimes!!! It's so damn frustrating.

For years he has been wanting me to quit my job at the law firm I worked at. I finally decided to stay home because I was tired. I was working for an attorney who was nominated by Bush for an Oversight Board on Civil Liberties and spent the last six months before quitting talking to the White House, senators, etc. before she was finally confirmed. It was long hours and hard work. I decided I needed a break.

So what do I do, I get a job working at home doing medical transcription so I can be home with the kids which isn't bad but I miss the socializing and talking to adults part. I don't really go out much because I usually work during the day.

All I have is my damn husband to talk/communicate with and he doesn't do that very well.

I was just talking to him about really nothing (I admit) and he just walked out of room in the middle of my sentence. And that pisses me off! What a fucking asshole!

While writing this he comes back and apologizes but I still feel like a freaking babysitter for that man.

I told him I was off the clock (the children were in bed), so to leave me the fuck alone.

DISCLAIMER: I hate talking bad about my husband most of the time because most of the time he is good to me--cooks dinner, cleans, pays TONS of attention to the kids, but sometimes I just need to vent.


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