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3:05 p.m. - August 22, 2006
My son and dolls
A few months ago I found my son in his sister's room with the door closed and the lights off (it was in the evening so it was pitch black). When I asked what he was doing, he looked very embarrassed. He finally told me that he was playing with his sister's dolls. When I asked why he was in the dark he said he was embarrassed. I told him he didn't have to be embarrassed but let him do his thing with the door closed and light off.

Well a few days ago, I caught him in his closet hiding with a very embarrassed look on his face. So when I asked what he was doing he said he was too embarrassed to tell me, but that he was playing with his sister's dolls again. So I didn't push him on it.

Eventually, when we were having a heart to heart, I asked him again what he was doing in the closet. He finally told me he was in the closet KISSING the dolls! He's 5 and thinking about kissing dolls! I don't know whether to be proud or worried.

Do boys usually start that young?

I've been too busy worried about my daughter at 9. (By her age, I had been touched inappropriatly by my father's friend and an older cousin.)

I know this is probably just plain curiosity but I was just shocked because he's only 5 and my baby.

They don't stay babies for long.


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