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7:43 p.m. - July 04, 2006
Family - ugggh!
It seems like my days have been dragging on. I decided to stay home with my children about 2 months ago and as much as I love my children and the time I'm spending with them, I need a social life. I miss my friends and laughing with adults. I know I won't regret it when they get older and hopefully they will become better people because of it, but it's turning me into a lunatic. I'm voicing things to people that I would never on a regular basis.

It seems that when you are home with kids, everyone seems to want to take advantage of you. Can you do this and that? Can you take care of my kids? uggh!! I do work at night from 7pm to about 2 am doing medical transcription and then spend time with my kids and work on my ebay store during the day. I pay the bills, take care of the animals/pets, cook and clean, eat bon bons and sit on my ass all day (yeah right!). So why would I want to take care of your children for no money!!!

I have this uncle who is very cheap...tight, whatever you want to call it. He drops off his daughter from 7:00 am to about 7:00 pm and do I get paid? Then he has the nerve to get pissed off at my daughter for putting handprints on the window of his truck (as she was talking to his daughter who was inside).

Let me back up a bit, I just bought a new minivan (that's another story...I said I'd never drive a minivan, well i have one now and actually love it but I'll save that blog for later). You know when you get something new, you want to keep it clean. Well his daughter brings crayons into the van and somehow leaves marks on my van. Washable yes. Did I get angry, a little but I didnt say anything.

He comes to pick up his daughter the next day (after stopping off to run and errand which my daycare would have charged me about $50 extra for picking my kid up late - but I'm free remember). As she is getting into his truck, I tell him " I can't take care of her anymore, she left fingerprints all over my house!" I think he got the hint.

Totally disrespectful to my uncle but he deserved it, don't you think?


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