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9:57 a.m. - August 30, 2005
\"Fat people are always funny\"
Okay what's up with the stereotype that "overweight" people are funny. Okay I may not be considered extremely overweight but I see myself as a blimp.

I get those comments like: "well you have a pretty face!" which makes me want to say "oh yeah! what's wrong my my fat ass!" but okay I take the compliment and give them that fake "gee thanks" look.

I even got a comment that "fat people are always funny by a co-worker" who i think is secretly jealous of me because I AM funny and have all the friends.

SO, my point is. I wonder if I will be funny if I lose weight. I have never wanted to lose weight because....well I LIKE TO EAT! I don't need to please anyone and so therefore, why go thru the struggle of losing weight. I am confident with myself and I know that .....okay, won't write all that bullshit...frankly, I'm just lazy.

I've never had to diet because I've been in sports all my life, well now that all i do is sit in front of a computer all day and go home and sit in front of a television, did it start to pose a problem in my old age.

So here is the deal. I am going to lose weight. YES, I SAID IT! I'm going on a diet. (secretly of course. I don't want all the women who are secretly jealous of me to start asking me to lunch and trying to discourage me. And yes! there are woman in my circle that will do that. I'll have to write about them later.)

Let's see if i'm still funny....but now that i think of it. Thin people are probably not funny because they are starving! Ya think?


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