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10:31 a.m. - November 14, 2004
Bridge Jones/Gracielou - Mirror image
I saw Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason last night. I know that everyone thinks that they can relate to her but for some reason, I feel this woman's life mirror's mine. I swear if anything ridiculous is going to happen, it happens to me. One of the younger attorneys in the office actually called me the "village idiot." I think I might have shared this in a prior diary. I need to jot down all my village idiot stories---you will really agree that I am an idiot.

Slightly overweight---yes. But for some reason, I still am able to attract men (for who knows what reason) but I feel that I'm a tub. Constantly on a diet.

That reminds me: One secretary actually told me I was funny and when my response was: "fat people tend to be funny" she agreed!!! Instead of saying Nah you're not fat! (which I was expecting and hoping to hear). Oh well, I have tons of friends and can say I'm usually the life of the party, although I may be thinking this is a compliment to myself when others are thinking I'm a fool!

Well I have to say that I loved the movie, but only because I feel it's personal. I'd like to know how others relate.


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